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Since the beginning of time and long before the oral or written language, humans walked the planet sharing their stories.  They carved images and drawings on the walls of caves passing on knowledge of their existence and of their acquired wisdom. Villages designated storytellers to pass on information, values, and wisdom for future generations. Stories connect us to our humanity. Storytelling is what links us to our past and provides a glimpse into our future.

Dr. Melody Cofield, founded Divar, Inc. to inspire a movement to uplift the spirit of humanity, one story at a time. Divar Lifetime Stories is dedicated to help individuals, families, organizations, companies, and communities create stories that inspire a better future. We offer three ways to:

  1. Capture stories from the past, present, or future. 
  2. Curate and produce your stories in a variety of media formats
  3. Get coached to help you plan and live a more fulfilled legacy life.

Browse through each of our Divar portals to access the service and tools best suited for your legacy needs. When you are ready: Schedule an appointment for a free 30-minute conciliation with one of our personal history consultants.

Audio: Introduction

"I love that I get to be a witness. I get to watch history come alive.” As personal historians we love our work, helping our clients share their lives with their loved ones, and even future generations. Published on Dec 24, 2015

Product & Service Portals

Capture Your Stories

Daily Life Connections  is a private cloud-based journal and searchable repository. Use it to capture your thoughts, ideas, precious moments, pictures, and more. Stay on top of all your dreams and goals by creating a personal vision board, setup special email reminders, and track what triggering emotions.

Curate & Produce Stories

Story Productions is a Divar service platform dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities produce life stories in a variety of media formats. Your life is the most important story you will ever tell.  Storytelling is at the heart of the human soul.Our process will help you reach inner depths not accessible before and tap into your creative potential.

Hire a Lifetime Coach

Lifetime Coaching connects individuals and organizations to experienced coaches and lifetime coaching techniques.  Coaching offers learning techniques that transform and empower people to operate at their best and live their best life.

Your Story Guide

Your Life is Your Story: Your Story Is Your Legacy

From the very start, our life journey begins with connections. At birth over 100 billion brain cells, or neurons, begin forming networks to enable you to speak and store memories.  Meaningful connections enable humans to grow and develop, and are vital to our survival as a species. Connections shape and form who we are and who we become.  How we interpret our personal connections give us our sense of identity and security. They also inspire us with purpose and well being.

Our stories provide us a way to make sense of our connections and to be able to share our experiences of them. Stories help us learn and enable us to be inspired and to inspire others. They give us purpose and move us into action. Our unique composite of stories creates continuity for us in a world that is increasingly busy and disconnected.

What’s your life story?

What is the true story of your life?

Things happen to us---and they become the elements of our personal story. Over time, all the elements in our lives and what they mean to us become the culmination of our Life History. Personal histories are vital to human survival. Sharing our stories is how we learn, it shapes our views and our values. It is also what inspires and motivates us to greatness.  Sharing your story can help you create the perfect environment for family and community members to grow and succeed.

What is a Life Story Preservation Project?

How do I preserve the story of my life?

A legacy preservation project is a commitment to making your personal history come alive for your personal enjoyment as well as for the benefit of others.  It can be simple or as comprehensive as you like. For example: It can be a letter, a memoir, a tribute, a life story, an autobiography, a biography, or an oral history.  

It can also come in a variety of formats and even combined to enjoy the benefits of multi-media aids. Your project may include:

  • Printed publications (hard/soft cover books, transcripts, pamphlets, memoirs, cookbooks)
  • Art Renderings (Paintings, photo-art collages)
  • Audio Recordings (Oral interviews)
  • Video (Short tributes--full-length documentaries)
  • Online (Web-Stories, Brand-Sites)

The best stories are captured, curated, and properly preserved.  We know that telling your personal story can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming to manage, especially when you consider all the options.

Let us help you. A legacy preservation expert can help you with small or large projects and help you select the best forum and formats for your preservation project.

What do Personal Historians Do?

Divar personal historians help individuals, families, communities, businesses, and organizations preserve memories, images, information, perspectives, voices, stories, and chronical histories. We help you formulate a theme for your project to stay focused on the purpose and are successful in generating the message you want to inspire many generations to come. We bring an objective to the material and a process to help you crystalize what is important to capture, and why. Your final product will have a level of professionalism that goes beyond what you generally could achieve alone.

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Explode Your Creative Potential

Each Divar portal employs two of the oldest methods of "self-exploration and expression"--- Expressive Writing and StorytellingDivar Life Journey Tools offers three ways to explode your creative potential:  1) cloud based life navigation tools, 2) storytelling production support, and 3) lifetime coaching techniques.

Explore all or just one of our Divar platforms to begin maximizing the inner core of your life at the deepest level and gain a fuller perspective and appreciation for the value of your Lifetime Connections. Start experiencing the magic of Divar Life Journey Tools, today!

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