Daily Life Journal is a private online Divar journal platform designed to help you record the most precious moments of your life---past, present, and future.  Privately record events, plan your day, or capture your dreams anytime, anyplace.  Compose your deepest thoughts and even track your family history. Upload pictures and never loose those precious moments again. You can import from and export to your favorite social media sites---your choice.

Start Using DAILY LIFE JOURNAL today—Free!

  • Search and Access your information within seconds.

    Personal and Private Searchable Repository. Store your thoughts, ideas, photo’s and more.

  • Unlock the book within. Write your story.

    Unpack your unique your life story by organizing and sorting into categories of your choice.

  • Design focus and clarity in all areas of life.

    Align your personal mission and vision with your life purpose and values and the key areas of your

  • Instantly capture precious moments.

    Capture those precious moments with pictures, anytime, anyplace.

  • Illuminate life-defining patterns.

    Understanding life-defining moments, turning points, and stepping-stones can illuminate sources of patterns of behavior, feelings, and recurring themes in our lives.

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